Marles Live 2011

Fête de la Musique 2011 à Marles en Brie (77)

Iron Lion Zion

Pickin' wild flowers

Wrap it up

I saw her standing there

Extraits 4 titres

Extraits 4 titres :
You know I'm no good
Takin' care of business
I wanna be like you
It's all over now

Musiciens :
Vava (chant) - Nath (choeur) - Harris (guitare) - Christian (guitare) - Tonio (basse) - Eric (batterie)

Démo studio

Extraits - Prise de son, mixage et mastering par HarriS

Stuck in the middle with you


Iron Lion Zion

Congo Square

All shook up

Just a friend of mine

Musiciens :
Vava (chant) - Harris (guitare) - Christian (guitare) - Tonio (basse) - Denis (batterie)

Live avec Domi

Extraits - Inauguration d'un restaurant en Novembre 2010

Shame shame shame

It's all over now

Sitting on the dock of the bay

Steady as she goes

Nothing personal

Looking back

You know I'm no good

I saw her standing there

Your mama's talking

Les cactus